Customer feedback

You can also access your competitor’s reviews through social listening to see if some appear false. On the other hand, customers don’t always comment on a product in the brand’s media: online reviews can be found on multiple platforms. Due to the huge number of sources, it is impossible for managers to follow each evaluation themselves. Social listening platforms collect all product or brand entries based on selected keywords. These platforms can collect consumer reviews from thousands of conventional media, local websites, and other online resources in one centralized location.

In 2016, 90% of buyers read at least one online review before deciding to visit a company. Customer qualitative stories add color and nuances to quantitative comments . These personal experiences help a team understand the feelings behind customer decisions and the community’s response to a company’s brand or decisions.

When comments about a product are shared on social media, readers may want to look at the brand’s website, increasing brand awareness and visibility. Comments on consumer rating sites PissedConsumer can also affect the number of visits on your own site. On this site, travelers can rate the hotels they have visited in general and in various aspects (disease, location, etc.).

Adding comments to your own website can improve the visibility of your business on Google and other search engines. Third-party business evaluations are often detailed, making them a source of information on consumer feedback. In addition to general experience, platforms also ask customers to evaluate specific aspects, such as the quality of customer service in a company or the incorporation process. The most popular customer feedback tools when it comes to social media monitoring are Hootsuite, Agorapulse, and Sprout Social. They can collect information on all major social networks and improve their decision-making processes. This Microsoft study found that one in two thousand customers on social media complained about a brand or its customer service team. If a millennial customer is frustrated with a company, Facebook is probably the first place where they share their feelings.

Customer feedback is essential and always changes based on the needs of the organization. If a company believes that the products they use do not work for them, it can easily move on to something new. Maintaining accounts that are struggling and need help with adoption or other implementation problems is essential. Therefore, a customer service team is essential for the maintenance and retention of accounts by an organization. Customer success is also useful for companies that use products and have a good experience.

Consumer opinion is a tool to improve the customer experience and adapts commercial actions according to customer needs. By understanding why you need online feedback, you can optimize your customer experience to create a positive online footprint. Let’s take a look at these seven reasons why the experiences published by your consumers with your brand are vital.