Diwali Home Decor – 3 Tips For Decorating Your Home This Diwali

All Indian homes have old and beautiful saris, dupattas or scarves, cloth pieces matka with decorative work like mirror embellishments, pretty bead work, hand woven garments that have frayed at edges or got moth-eaten in parts or their zari has become dull.

If you don’t have the heart to throw these away and they hold sentimental value for you, why not integrate them with your contemporary interiors in a seamless way by reviving festive customs and old-fashioned ideals for recycling and refurbishing your home!

3 Unique Decor Ideas – Ring in Festive Fun With These Trendy Diwali Home Decor Tips

1. Sort through your discarded brass and copper utensils, like mini cauldrons, quaint ‘matkas’ or even platters that you can polish up using some elbow grease, soft cloth and metal shine powder available at the grocery store. Place these aesthetically in a circular, semi-arched or even ascending/descending pattern in bedroom, foyer or at the base of a stairway, if your home has one. Fill these with colored water, float multi-colored floral petals or mini tea-lights in the center of each and you are sure to welcome guests and visiting family members alike when dusk falls, as these provide a fragrant and eye-catching accent to any social area in the home. To glam up your home decor, add a touch of silver or gold dust to the floating flowers or petals and use a neatly hemmed up square of ‘Bandhini’ or brocade cloth piece for a backdrop on the wall to add some ethnic charm to the arrangement.

2. Announce the coming of prosperity, love and fortune with beautiful bells, like the crystal or gemstone embedded ones available at glassware stores and state handicraft emporiums respectively. You can also scout the local markets for multi-layered earthen lamp or diya stands with hanging bells for an interesting effect to the entrance of your home or puja room. Alternately, you can opt for wind chimes with bells for a soft, soothing musical effect, or place paper cut-work lampshades over 5-point lights or diyas placed in front of one wall kept dark in your home to reflect intricate light patterns through the apertures of the covers/lampshades put over the lighted diyas. Don’t forget to weigh down the lampshades.

3. Take your family along for some fun at the Diwali fairs held in your neighborhood and you are sure to pick up some great deals available from ·various NGO’s and local charities that often put up stalls for selling products like candles, handmade paper, Divine themed paintings and Diwali handicrafts, paper lanterns, idols and beautifully decorated platters you can use as decoratives or for for serving finger snacks in! These are also the best places to buy inexpensive urns, goblets, pots that you can wind around with colored rope and glass beads. Once dry, you can store mini-boxes of Diwali sweets or small takeaway gifts, like a set of glass bangles, scented candles, packet of homemade savories etc. for visitors to your home in these uniquely decorated return gift containers.

Apply the above tips to shop, snack and spend time with your family while picking up and putting together new and unique products for your Diwali home decor project – all while enjoying the spirit of the season!

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