Ea Sports Revives Its College Football Video Game

It is a beacon for basketball games, and EA Sports is making NBA Live look more and more like NBA 2K. The introduction of NBA Live’s The One mode was a confirmation that EA Sports is aspiring to 2K Sports. This pattern explains why 2K Sports is the leader in basketball. Basketball is one sport that both EA Sports and 2K Sports are involved in.

In a move that’s already lighting up the gaming world, EA Sports announced it would be rebooting its popular college football video game that had been discontinued since 2013. EA Sports is a division of Electronic Arts that develops and publishes sports video games. EA Sports was a less reputable sports video game company that has since redeemed itself with consistent hits. The NHL franchise has ONES and THREES modes for casual hockey players. World of CHEL is anNHL mode that allows players to customize characters, gain XP, and compete against friends. As long as EA Sports continues to introduce new modes for all players, we can be confident in their direction.

I’ve provided a handy calculator for you to play with the figures yourself. That said, there is a real market opportunity for schools to recoup at least a small portion of their lost revenue should the college football season be canceled. EA Sports, however, has a large part of the framework in place in terms of their Madden series of NFL games. Stadiums should still be digitized from the series that concluded with the 2014 edition.

Looking at the current state of things, it’s evident that EA Sports is stepping up to the plate. Almost seven and a half years after last publishing a college football video game — NCAA FootbalL 14, covered by Michigan’s Denard Robinson — EA Sports announced on Tuesday morning that it will once again publish a college football video game. It is almost esports certain that a return of the NCAA Football series would sell far more than two million copies in its first year on the market. Considering that A) no previous editions exist for modern consoles and B) a live football season might not transpire for college football fans, an NCAA Football game could easily reach Madden levels of five-plus million sales.

Likewise, for the smallest athletic departments the windfall of even tens of thousands of dollars just for allowing EA Sports to market their program would be huge. Bump that up to $79.99 per unit and those numbers jump to $240 million, $320 million, and $400 million of potential revenue. Both organizations extend an alliance that will continue to provide entertainment for all fans. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. According to ESPN, the name of the franchise will change, with the plan to rebrand it as “EA Sports College Football.” ESPN also reported that the game is in its very early developmental stages. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, blasted the news about the rebooted game.

Naturally, we have to do a head-to-head comparison to see which franchise is better. WWE 2K allows you to create wrestlers and design custom entrances for them. EA Sports is by no means perfect, but they’ve been more consistent than 2K Sports overall. The WWE 2K franchise and NBA 2K were both at the top of their game, introducing customization like never seen before.